Controversy…Just so you know.

Something to think about: Why people think honoring Ramadan as a non-Muslim, Christian or other religious or non-religious observer is controversial?

a cooking pot and twistedtales

Book, Old, Clouds, Tree, Birds, Bank, Rush, LandscapeYesterday, I published a post on Ramadan Kareem and to my surprise, I received a couple of comments asking me why I should be celebrating Islam?

In the past 1450 years since Muhammad, over 180,000 people have been killed in the name of Islam per year. Thats 250 million people killed to advance Islam. How can you celebrate Islam?

Sometimes, I am totally befuddled by the whole religious brouhaha. I can’t lay claims to being the best Christian out there and as a matter of fact, I don’t believe in practising religion for those who wish to know.

This is my response to this comment below:

I’m doubtful if there’s any teaching of Christ that requires me as a Christian to segregate myself from others due to their religious beliefs. I’m no better than any other misguided person out there and I think the biggest problem that the…

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Backyard BBQ Recipes For the Weekend


Memorial Day Weekend is here in the states so what better time to have a BBQ? It’s the official kickoff to the Summer Barbecuing season so let’s put on our ‘yummy’ pants so we can enjoy these BBQ treats. Oh, they’re kid friendly too so the littles and the Teens don’t have to starve or settle for P, B, and J or McD’s.

Bewitching Beverages


Best Strawberry Lemonade EVER by Susan of

This recipe starts with Strawberry puree. What she does next saves you lots of time on BBQ Day.

Dr. Pepper Slushies and Popsicles by Susan of

The popsicles are super easy to make. Simply pour into molds (leaving room for when it freezes) and within a few hours, you have some yummy cool treats.

Simply Salads


Bacon Broccoli Salad by Krystle of

Krystle says this recipe will convert all non-broccoli lovers with one bite with its tender florets, bacon, and sunflower seeds.

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Art Tag Questions

File_000 (1)


My inaugural post for my new blog is this writing prompt from the Blog Tag group on Facebook. You see, I enjoy writing. It is one of the things that releases stress and bottled up emotions aka anger. It’s also something that gives me hope and a way for me to spread a bit of love into the world.

The thing is, since about 2007 when I started writing as a way to earn extra income my love for it started to wane. I took a big break from writing for money and even now I blog not for cash (I no longer sell my writing) I blog as a way to communicate with my clients.

For this writing prompt, I’ll be sharing a bit about myself by answering a number of questions as related to Art.

  1. Are you an art lover, if so which form? – I like many forms of art and for a large part of my life, my favorite was crochet.
  2. Share my art. Here’s my masterpiece. I can’t take full credit for this beauty, his dad did have a part in it too.


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